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Owner and Lead Cable Coiler

Peter "PK" Kowalczyk

Peter holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, where he pursued a suite of audio studies.  He’s worked in R&D for Loudspeaker Manufacturer Meyer Sound Labs since 2006, while continuing to mix shows and build sound systems around California and Nevada.

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"Sound is literally energy permeating the air around us. When the band and the crowd are united in that energy and grooving together, the result is pure magic!" -PK


Charles Mallett

Director of Microphone Wrangling

Charles has decades of audio engineering experience.  With a BAs in Sound Arts from Expression College, he was formerly the Front of House Manager for the Crystal Bay Club, and now goes on the road with the Dead Winter Carpenters, while supporting numerous other Tahoe-area events.

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