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Incline Village, NV

For Alibi’s ‘Incline Pour House,’ we took what we learned at the Truckee Location and upped the ante.  We were involved before the renovation began to advise on critical Electrical Power needs.  We designed a sophisticated multi-zone house music system that’s controlled by a custom iPad interface, and interfaces seamlessly with the stage PA system.  Flown PA speakers and stage lights keep the sight-lines clean and improve coverage, while Mic and Line inputs behind each bar allow staff to make announcements or play their own content through the house system from either location.  Flexible wiring includes stage patch panels for cleaner setups, and supports either a front-of-house position or a simpler mix-from-stage configuration.


Kevin Drake

Alibi Ale Works,

Incline Village, NV / Truckee, CA

"Thank you so much for all the technical support and encouragement with Alibi Truckee, and the positive impact you continue to make on the local music scene in general.  Technical Capability, passion, humility, and generous spirit don't intersect very often in one human.  I really appreciate everything you do."



Truckee, CA

The Mountain Lotus Center in Truckee was conceived to include live music and events in addition to daily yoga classes.  Working with the architects, we made sure that acoustic treatments were a top priority, enabling the compact but highly capable Meyer Sound PA to sound its best in the space.  We installed multiple rigging locations to enable the system to be placed in different locations depending on the needs of a given event.  The ‘Stage’ PA system integrates with a background music system enabling playback from multiple sources in multiple output zones.  A multi-room Wireless Mic system allows yoga instructors or other speakers to roam freely through the space, while audio patch points in different rooms make it easy to route signals throughout the entire facility.

mountain lotus yoga

Scott Fitzmorris

Mountain Lotus Yoga,

Truckee, CA

"Peter has been an amazing resource of information and creative solutions for my business. He has designed the audio systems for our two locations, one of which is a top-notch venue for concert performances. Peter stays very busy but reliably makes time to help with any troubleshooting or questions. I highly recommend working with him!"

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